How to Tour Bali for Free

You don’t have to enter a contest or drawing and you don’t have to stay at a budget hotel. You don’t have to sit through a timeshare presentation and you won’t have to work while you’re there. In fact, I’m going to show you how you can stay at a beautiful Bali villa with eight to twelve of your closest friends with all the comfort and conveniences you would expect from a luxury resort.

Step 1: Gather Your Friends

As many of you already know, Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat offers custom group experiences in Bali. Let’s say you have a group of friends who like yoga, or perhaps you belong to a photography club. If you can gather eight or more of them to bring with you to Bali, your tour, accommodations and meals are free. You can put together a group of co-workers or classmates. You can bring your surf buddies or diving club. Even if you have a group of friends that have nothing more in common than a peculiar nuttiness, get enough of them together to take a trip to this wonderful tropical island and your stay at Floating Leaf is free. Some restrictions apply so be sure to ask us how to become a group organizer.

Depending on the length of your stay with us, you’ll get to experience many of the treasures Bali has to offer as well as the fine amenities of Floating Leaf bali spa treatments accommodations villasEco-Retreat—at no cost. If your group likes to surf, we’ll take you to Bali’s best surf spots. Our local guides will plan the best times around tide and swell direction and make sure you get insider tips on where to surf. If your spouse doesn’t surf, then we’ll take good care of them at our spa while you’re getting those epic Bali tube rides.

If your group is composed of photographers, we’ll provide you with professional photography instruction and one-of-a-kind photo ops of ancient temples, lush forests and the intriguing culture of the Balinese people. If you belong to a yoga class, you’ll receive quality sessions in our large open-air yoga studio from local Bali instructors.

Regardless of the interest of your group, we’ll provide a custom tour to help you get the most from your trip. And of course, everyone will get to enjoy our delicious organic cuisine by our own private chef, two Floating Leaf spas and our ultimate relaxation pool. If that isn’t enough, we’ll take your group to local healers and traditional cleansing ceremonies. You’ll experience ancient customs and rituals that have made Bali one of the most captivating cultures in the world.

Step 2: Determine Your Own Price

You can get your flight paid for as well. Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat is a luxury villa with economically priced packages. That means our popular tour packages are full of great value. Prices are low enough to allow a group organizer to set his or her own rate. In other words, you can charge whatever you want Bali Toursfor the tour as long as it meets our minimum. In fact, you can charge just enough to cover your flight to Bali and still provide your group members an excellent value. Visit our gallery to see some images of previous tours.

With our special group leader package deals, everybody wins. You get a free trip to Bali and your friends receive a wonderful experience that they’ll be talking about for many years. If you choose not to set your own price for your group members, that’s fine. You still get your all-inclusive Bali accommodations at Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat for free.

Step 3: Book Your Date

Just let us know if you’re thinking of getting a group together and we’ll help you create a custom tour, promote it to your group and set the price. You’ll not only get one of our group leader handbooks, but we’ll provide you with your own group page on our website, one-on-one assistance and other promotional materials. We want this to be a trip you and your friends will remember for a lifetime—and we want you to come back!

When you’re ready, we’ll reserve the date of your tour. We won’t be able to hold it indefinitely because tour dates can fill up quickly and many groups book multiple tours throughout the year. It will be important, therefore, to collect the deposit money from the members of your group as soon as possible. We’ll go over the details and deadlines with you later.

We’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities for your tour so if you’re interested in bringing a group to Bali let us know. You can contact Michael Doliveck at or Dino Maiolo at

By Dino Maiolo

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About Dino Maiolo

by Dino Maiolo. Dino is a contributor to the Floating Leaf blog. He writes about his experiences in Bali whether it be surfing, food, culture or surfing.

7 comments on: How to Tour Bali for Free

  1. TB February 3, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    Sounds like a great deal.

    • Dino February 3, 2013 at 10:13 pm

      Thanks TB. Email me if you have any questions.


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