Bali community outreach programs, charity work & eco-tourism

Bali community outreach programs and charity work

Giving back, environmental stewardship and sustainable eco-tourism

Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat recently hosted a group of altruistic mothers from Australia and New Zealand for our continuing community outreach programs. We donated enough baby, toddler and adult clothing for 15 families. Also donated were much needed medical supplies and medicine, food and cooking implements, household goods, children’s toys, art supplies, school supplies and books. It was a wonderful, fun and heartwarming event.

Bali community outreach programs and charity work

The head of the village, Pak Metra (standing), and Putu help lead a meet and greet session.

We laughed, we cried, and we made new friends. We hope this generous group of eco-tourists feel the same satisfaction we do that comes from helping our community, connecting with local villagers, learning about Balinese heritage and culture, and preserving the environment.

Charity donations

The donations are distributed and Putu helps recipients select the most helpful items.

Many thanks to the village leader, Pak Metra, for helping us organize the people most in need for our specific donations. A lot of work went into this event and we thank him and all the good people of Banjar Gelumpang. Matur suksema samua! 

Clothing donations Bali village

Young Wayan selects his favorite new shirt.

Floating Leaf’s donation programs provide assistance for Bali’s people and communities in need

Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat regularly holds events in which we can provide tangible assistance for important community needs. Through our donation programs, we are helping people in need in our community and throughout many villages in Bali.

Our Eco-tourism efforts are aimed at conserving precious natural resources and diverting waste from the already overflowing landfills. We strive to involve the community in deciding exactly which philanthropic efforts will be of most help and interest to them.

Other projects include building water purification facilities, playgrounds, greenhouses and subsidizing local farmers so they can grow nutrient rich foods using traditional and organic methods.

Medicine donations

Putu distributes much needed medicine and explains the prescribed dosage and advisories.

Floating Leaf’s mission and commitment to giving back and environmental protection

Our mission is to provide clothing, supplies and the tools needed to help people in need, inform supporters about issues affecting our community and help people connect with local organizations or issues that resonate with their skills, values and personal experiences.

friendships are made during charity events

Two of the volunteers help reassure an overwhelmed Ibu Made. Many of us became emotional as strong cross-cultural connections were forged.

How you can help too!

Would you like to help as well? Make your next trip much more than just a vacation. We can help arrange many types of community outreach efforts. Contact us today and let us know your interests and desires and we can help create a memorable and compassionate event for you.

Charitable donations for the villagers

The village men share some stories and jokes with us as they select some food and supplies.

Upcoming and continuing community outreach programs

Upcoming and continuing projects include building recycling and trash bins to distribute to communities.

Mikaku also teaches regular English classes to the children of the village as well as yoga classes for the community. Classes are free of charge and all Balinese are welcome and can contact Floating Leaf for times and more information.

Books, art supplies, school supplies

Books, school supplies and art supplies make this sweet little girl very happy.

New computers donated

In other recent news, Floating Leaf recently donated brand new laptop computers to local villages and is holding basic computer skills workshops.

Look out for part two of the community outreach update coming soon and thank you for your time and support.

We wanted to give one more huge thank you to Brittany and her friends and family (pictured below) who traveled from New Zealand and Australia to donate helpful and valued items to the good people of Bali.
Please contact us today to learn how you can help make a difference in the lives of many hard working and gracious people of Bali’s underprivileged villages.
Community outreach volunteers

The wonderful group of volunteers who helped make this a very special event for all involved. Thank you!

Here is a more recent community outreach donation event held at Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat. Check out Yoga Retreat Group takes part in Donation Event.

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hello Michael & Putu. What a wonderful project . you never cease to amaze me with all your giving and energy. This is so great. I would love to learn more about this project as I would love to implement something like this in the north. Im currently working on finding a way to be part of January opening. I admire you both so much . Looking forward to meeting with you. Love love light & blessings to you ,Putu and beautiful son.

Hello Diana and thank you so very much.
We know you know Bali so coming from you, we are even more inspired. I look forward to meeting you and learning more about the great work you do. Are you back in Bali now or Australia, or another adventure somewhere else? Whenever you find yourself in Bali, please let us know as we would love to give you a tour of the property and the environmental initiatives. We do hope you can make it in January and we still have a couple spots left for the opening celebrations. Matur suksema and hope to see you soon.

Great work . a job well done.

Terima kasih Diana! We are thrilled and to have all the wonderful support makes it even more special. We look forward to sharing Floating Leaf with you and learning more about you and how we might be able to collaborate. All the best to you and your family.

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